Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pick-up Games

Some players you should consider picking up (provided they're available):

Chucky Atkins - pretty much on fire in Kobe Bryant's abscence. He's #3 according to Yahoo over the last week. Pick him while Kobe's out, but be prepared to drop him when number 8 returns.

Dan Dickau - Starting in place of the oft-injured Baron Davis... scoring 27 points. Hornets are 5-5 over the last 10. Sure, I'm a little late to the party on this one, but it's possible that he's available, since his value fluctuates depending on how injured the Baron is.

Kyle Korver - he's very streaky, but since he was in somewhat of a slump before his latest breakeout he may still be available. Can't argue with 3.3 three-pointers over the last week, and 100% of 2.2 FT's over the last 5 games.

Chris Duhon - I just dropped him for Troy Hudson, and now I'm wondering whether to waste a move on undoing that action... He's been playing better than anyone could have expected, and filling in for Ben Gordon during his slump. With them both being rookies, it's hard to know when one will have the hot hand and the other will come up empty-handed. If you're in need of help at the guard position, consider picking up both of them as a sort of "put" move.

Eddie Griffin - he's once again on fire. Catch him if you can.

Derek Fisher - he's been playing well whenever Speedy Claxton has been out. When Fisher starts, he gets an extra 5-10 minutes of PT, giving him that much more time to rack up stats. Speedy looks to miss at least one more game.

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