Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jim Jackson strikes a blow for all the overpaid stars out there

I mean, I guess if my job paid me a million a year, and I'd been working for 14 years, and then my division was sold off to another company that I didn't want to work for, I might consider not going to work too. Especially cause there no championship of web application development or anything...

Fantasy Impact

Let's just start with the Suns/Jackson side... cause it actually matters.

Jackson will inherit at least 20 minutes a game, since that's what Jacobsen was playing. He'll increase those minutes since he can play both SF and SG for the Suns (this is why they talked so much about gaining depth with this trade). This will allow Phoenix to rest Q-Rich and the Other JJ a little more and save their legs for the playoffs.

Needless to say, Jimmy is a good pick up if he's available on the FA list. Owners who held onto him can feel somewhat vindicated. Jackson will likely continue to hit 2+ three-pointers, shoot well from the free-throw line (thought not take many attempts), and give you decent steals, rebounds, assists, and points. He's not someone to depend on for anything but 3's, but he's not a black hole in any category except blocks (and that is to be expected from someone who's 6-6 and 34 years old).

As for the Hornets, let's just say that none of the new Hornets are greater than 0% owned according to ESPN.

Casey Jacobsen will probably get about the same 20 minutes he'd played with the Suns. He'll be backing up JR Smith, and since the Hornets aren't quite as much of a running team as the Suns he might have a better chance to use his spot up shooting skills.

Magic Lamp (which will be his nickname once he hits it big), will be backing up Chris Andersen at Center, and maybe get some time at PF until David West and Jamaal Magloire come back. At that point, his PT will probably drop back to the 7 mpg he had in PHX.
Jackson Vroman is about as effective per 48 minutes as Jacobsen and Lampe, so I wouldn't expect him to play any more than he did with the Suns.

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