Sunday, December 19, 2010

More basketblogs

So maybe fantasy basketball isn't as big in the blogging world as say "IT" or "video games" or even "blogging" itself... but it's starting to get hot. Check out these other recent entrants to the fantasy basketblog arena:

EasyMarksman and Fantasy NBA Blog.

EasyMarksman reminds me a lot of Give Me The Rock in it's self-effacing, yet useful style. Fantasy NBA Blog has a schedule across the top of their blog, so that tells you something in and of itself. They also have five authors, which also says something.

Another team blog recently discovered is: GH and Petey's Timberwolves Blog. They've been going since the start of the season, but I hadn't found it before... Just something else to add to the RSS reader. There are others... I need to update my side bar to highlight the best ones, but you can scroll on down to "Give Me Everything" to see all the blogs I read.

Count it.

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